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24 hours, 32 networked computers, 7 opera singers. Based in the new Stuttgart Library thousands of members of the public were invited to edit the classic Verdi opera Rigoletto. Highly controversial in its time, Rigoletto a tragedy critical of Monarchism and presenting a dark image of human nature,  was edited and rewritten many times to pacify the European courts and sensibilities of the era.  This event organised by Treacle Theatre explores the notions of censorship and free speech.

I was invited to create a specific networked user interface for the project that would allow participants to edit the text of the Opera using syllabic rules that would then be transferred to musical score for a performance at the end of the 24 hours. A number of applications using Processing and various sound and networking libraries were used to  create the interface, printing process and dual screen displays for the event.

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Monster Island!!!

Who gets eaten by the monster first? What does it smell like? How can we defeat it?

Just some of the questions asked for the Year 6 Monster Island project. After reviewing the Monster Island genre (King Kong, Godzilla, Lost etc) in fiction, we went about designing and creating our monsters. These beasts were created using craft materials and animated using small motors, speakers and flashing lights. Terrifying!! The children learnt to program Arduino microcontrollers and used Scratch programming software to activate the sounds and movements of their beasts. Afterwards the children wrote their own fictional accounts of interacting with their creatures.



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Interactive Donations Box


A donations box created for a museum commission proposal. Using themes from local history, folklore and architecture, this Victorian style penny roller machine, sings and dances with programmable lighting and sound effects when money is donated. Alas, not used on this occasion, this piece provided an opportunity for creating methods of sound and music integration with motion trigger sensors. Uses Arduino and BlinkM hardware in wooden constructed casing .

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Credit cards for mega-thieves


Deep down I think everyone knows that financial inequality is not the plan. Some just need reminding. These cards are made for some of the big players (and winners) of the financial world over the last few years.

Painted rapid prototyped cards.

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago at 6:40 pm.

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Funky Lights


Some pretty lanterns for Terry and Maria’s wedding party. Using paper, bamboo, acetate drawings on the inside and BlinkM programmable lighting devices.

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Some fun with Google Maps API



Mondrian Map (click to see where you are)



Another Map Sketch

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